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    I have a year old SLW who has a swelling just below her cheek/ear the size of a pecan. It appears bruised and is not too firm when I squeeze it gently. I found a small tick on the bottom edge of it and removed the tick. I couldn't get any pics tonight but will try to in the morning. She eats and drinks and was running from us pretty well, but seemed quiet and tired before we tried to catch her. Anyone have any ideas? Anyone seen this before?
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    Never heard of it. But if there's a swelling and you found a tick there, it's probably infected from the tick bite (?). You may want to try a cool compress, and I think I would put her on some antibiotics.
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    [​IMG] Do chickens usually have that type of reaction to tick bites? It appears that her entire earlobe (behind the wattle) is engorged. The tick was the size of a BB and was on the very edge of the swelling at the bottom of it. [​IMG]
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    Get the chicken on antibiotics like tetracycline or doxycycline asap!
    Ticks carry alot of painful diseases (i would know, i have had chronic lyme + co- infections for about 10 + years) and the fact that it could be infected or irritated is showing signs that it may have been exposed.
    I don't take any chances when it comes to ticks.
    Clean the area if possible and get her on meds.

    I knew someone whos cow got lyme disease from a tick.
    Got really sick and ended up dieing because they didn't realize she was infected till it was to late.
    Its very preventable if treated early.
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  6. Wisher1000

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    Went out to take pics this morning and could barely tell which hen had the swelling! I guess it was the tick, I am going to let nature take care of the rest. Thanks to all of you who replied.

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