Hen with swollen eyes and runny nose...what the vet said.

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    Hello Everybody! We had one minorca this morning with swollen eyes and a runny nose. Of course I checked here first and found the following possible causes: IB, ILT and coryza. As all these are very serious, we called our vet, isolated the hen, and then bleached all our water and feed containers. Now the tips of my fingers hurt while typing, I was in such a panic I did not remember gloves. ouch.

    So, we went to the vet. I prepared my daughters for the possibility that our vet would request we put the bird down and test what could be the cause. The vet looked at our bird, said he felt it was eye irritation from allergies and dust gone to infection, he then gave her an antibiotic shot. His concern was only that we did not eat the bird (which was not going to happen in any event, we really like our hens too much) and not eat the eggs after the shot. So, we did isolate her per the vet's suggestion, but only to be sure we know which are her eggs and do not eat them.

    All of our birds are hatchery chicks. One bird came from a neighbor about a year ago, but she is as plucky as ever. Can I rest and be relieved yet? After reading all this, I worry our vet is maybe not concerned enough? Then, that seems disrespectful of a professional who took care of my animals even when I was a kid. All our other 49+ chickens show no symtpoms and appear bright eyed and busy tailed (feathered?).

    Can anyone give me some advice, have I done the right thing? I would have culled and sent for testing, but the vet was certainly not so concerned.


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