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Hen Won't Leave House

Discussion in 'Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures' started by nvmo, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. nvmo

    nvmo New Egg

    Sep 28, 2009
    I have a 7 month old hen who was laying eggs everyday, a week ago she started refusing to come out of the house, quit laying eggs and makes a growling noise and puffs up her feathers when I try to get her to come out. Her legs look pale, but other than that I can't see anything else wrong. Anyone have an idea what is wrong?
  2. Cackling Hen

    Cackling Hen Just Scratching Around

    Apr 21, 2009
    Port Angeles Wa
    She is broody im guessing
  3. Kittymomma

    Kittymomma Chillin' With My Peeps

    Sep 9, 2009
    Olympia, WA
    Yep, sounds like a broody hen. Is there anywhere in her house that she could be hiding a clutch of eggs?
  4. nvmo

    nvmo New Egg

    Sep 28, 2009
    Just went and looked again, no eggs to be found...
  5. tulie13

    tulie13 Chillin' With My Peeps

    Feb 12, 2009
    NW Florida


    Sorry if I offend, but I am the husband. I'm babysitting a buff with a bad eye. Just roaming around looking for things that could fix the chicken.
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2009

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