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    We culled our mean rooster about a week or two ago. I am left with two hens, a NH red and a speckled sussex. The NH is the boss, although the SS is first for treats and such (she's friendlier and gets up close). After we initially culled the rooster, there was some squabbling about who was boss, with the NH even taking a piece of the SS's crest off.

    Anyway, since roo left, NH won't let SS on the roost. I thought it would pass, but it hasn't. We put up another roost on Monday, same height, different spot, and SS has gotten up on it during the day to check it out. But, at night, she is in the nest box (next to another nest box with my four 10-11 week old EE's, who don't like to sleep on the floor).

    I know it isn't a good habit for them to sleep in the boxes, but what else should I do? Still give her more time to try the new roost? Put another roost up? I am surprised that the NH likes roosting by herself. But I can say, when the roo was around, he did sleep between them. Oh, and SS always was facing backwards... with her beak to the wall. Silly bird.

    thanks! Lee

    PS- NH might be a red sex link too- not quite sure, if that means anything as far as general personalities go... She has some darker feathers in her tail.
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