Hen wounded/attacked?

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    I have a BO hen who I found this morning sitting by the fence away from all the others not moving. I went over and stirred her up to notice that she was limping. She was not using her right leg. I immediately picked her up to investigate, and noticed a large wound under her right wing, it looked like it happened last night as it was dry and not bleeding. I put some vetricyn on it as that is all I have and put her with food and water by herself. What else can I do? I don't know if t was my rooster being rough or something got her? ive never had a predator problem before but my neighbor has 3 semi outdoor cats. Plus I know there are opossums and coons around. Please let me know if theres anything else I can do. Thank you.
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    It looks very much like rooster damage. Such wounds generally heal readily, but the scarred area remains susceptible to future injury. Hen saddles help, trimming the roosters toenails and spurs may help, and getting a lighter more gentle rooster can help.
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    It sounds like you have done a good job by separating her. Vetericyn is good, you can also put some neosporin on the wound,if you have it.

    If she seems a bit "shocky" you may want to add some vitamins/electrolytes to her water for a few days. You can also offer her added protein to help promote feather growth and healing. Scrambled/boiled egg or tuna are good options.

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