Henny Penny (like the 100th update) =D

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    Apr 3, 2011
    For all of those that have so amazingly kept up with the story of our rescued hen, H.P. has gone almost three months since her attack and is looking tons better.

    This sweet girl went from being a half-featherless and blood covered mess to the beauty she is today. As of Tuesday, when I last updated her Facebook page, she has been outside every day. She comes inside at night and may have to stay in for the Winter.

    We have discovered that she is actually a "boss hen" and picks on any other females we have tried to pair her with. So, it seems we will have to have her paired with a lone rooster. At the moment, she is by herself still until she recovers enough for a rooster to enjoy the company [​IMG]
    But she is on laying pellets finally, and is acting ready to lay.

    All of the feathers on her back have re-grown, and now all scabs and punctures have sealed up. Where they had to trim off the main wing feathers, finally they are starting to come back in. Still no luck re-growing some of the feathers on the back of her neck though. We will see how that goes.

    This sweetheart loves fruits and veggies, and sings louder than ever. Her taste in foods makes her one of the strangest chickens I have met, but she is also the most DETERMINED I have met by far. She is very brave, and has refused to give up just as we have refused to give up on her.

    Check out her FB page, click "Like" if you have an account. Even without joining, you should still be able to see it all though.


    Thanks to everyone out there who has followed her story. Thank you SO MUCH.

  2. birdherder

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    Aug 21, 2011
    what exactley happened to her? was she a commerical hen? dog attack? i havent seen any of your first posts.

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