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    Aug 13, 2010
    HELP! A few weeks ago our banty chicken was swept to the edge of our yard by a chicken hawk. JJ her man was squawking and cackling so I went out to check and started yelling and siking the dogs on the hawk. Finally, the hawk let henny penny go and she seemed fine, a little rattled, lost a few feathers. I picked her up and put her in their pen, coop. But since this incident when we let her out she won't come back, we don't see her for a few days then she'll show up running around the yard wildly. She showed up this morning and we put her up - she was starving! She's put up now but we are concerned - is she sitting on eggs? Or is she severely traumatized?
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    So sorry about your chicken! Maybe try posting in the emergencies section to get a response from experienced chicken people!
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    Sounds like she has a nest somewhere. The main reason I looked at this thread was I have a "wild chicken" named Henny Penny too. She left the flock last October and hasn't been back. One of the roosters visits here pretty regularly though. She has already hatched out babies twice this year. Once in April and one in June and she's setting somewhere now. See if you can follow your HP and see where she goes at dusk. She should lead you to her nest, if she has one.
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    Hello jj&hpcole and [​IMG] . I'm sure your bird was traumatized, but it also may have a nest somewhere. I'd follow it through the day and into this evening and find out where it goes. If it has eggs it should return to them quickly. If it's just up in some tree I'd catch it and lock it up and feed and water it well for the next few days until it learns that the coop is safe. I can't advise you on what to do if it has a nest but others here certainly can. Good luck.

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