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    So, I've had a chicken sitting on eggs for awhile... Though, frankly I didn't expect anything to come from in it, but I did hope! I checked in the coop today, and so far there was actually one hatched little baby, still wet and drying. A little black poof ball, I hope it will be okay, I couldn't really see it. I'm a teen mom, a worried teen mom. [​IMG]

    I'll update as things happen and as I go. Any tips you all may have would be greatly appreciated, I'm so worried. [​IMG]

    Here's a video of the little lady, taken last summer. I still can't believe my hatchery easter egger was the first to go broody, the chance of that was so slim and yet it happened. Haha. She has around fourteen eggs under her, so we'll see.

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    [​IMG] The baby should do fine with momma. Keep us posted and you know once the chicks are dry and can have visitors, we need PICS! congrats!
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    My little HennyPenny ( a porcelaine banty) just hatched out 6 out 10 eggs this past weekend!!! Same as you, didn't think anything would hatch as our roo is a LARGE ee roo and she is a little banty, but 4 of the hatchlings were hers!! Check out my "More CRAZY chicken math" for pics! And congratulations on your new little one! I'm sure there will be more!! [​IMG]
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    I'm sorry I haven't updated. The little black chick was somehow premature and died a rather, er, gruesome death. So I wasn't in the mood to really talk about that. However, today, I hear peeping. I really hope this is it! [​IMG]

    And dshappychicks, I'll check that out! I absolutely love porcelaine banties!

    EDIT: *sigh* This one died getting out of the egg. I wonder, what I /am/ doing wrong.
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