Henny's Update

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    Apr 3, 2011
    While Henny Penny is talking to Pickles and still talking to me, her eyes are getting heavier and a week later she still has a watery stool. We are worried by the looks of her rear that maybe, yes, she did have a broken egg inside and that it's not dissolving. She hasn't laid AT ALL since we rescued her on the 4th. Any suggestions as to what's going on or how we can help?

    Her wounds are looking SO good! Everything has scabbed over well, though some are still very deep, and the meat is growing back. Feathers are starting to come back in! She preens herself and is just the sweetest thing, loving her chest rubbed though she DOES get an attitude still with the cleansing wipes.

    Please keep her in your thoughts....I am very tired and cannot think of what else I meant to say. Sorry [​IMG]

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