Henrieda and Ginger's lost in winter Experience

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    Apr 8, 2013
    In Late November the chickens were outside, I had to leave to go for about 25 minutes, when I got home the neighbor dog came over and got into my chickens! Most of them were already perched ready for bed . . . But three were missing! With in 20 minutes Chanel the California white was back in the coop![​IMG] But... 2. Of my hens that I had one for 8 years and the other one 4 years where missing, I was freaking out because they were my "babies" and they're my dearest pet birds, before you know it it was dark out, still feathers all over the ground..[​IMG] I was with a flashlight searing everywhere outside for them, yelling "ccchhhhhiiiiiccckkkeennnsss"! Super loud in a high pitched voice, they always come to that. But then it started to snow out, snow a lot for the first time! I either thought they were dead already or they will go into hiding, but how will they do that I live in a woodsy area, there is predators every night, and they are older birds. .. I did'nt look good. Before you know it, already 3-4 inches in the ground.
    I did not give up. I left the little door open in case they came back during the night.

    That night I didn't get much sleep.calmost very hour I got up running across the hill getting my hopes up thinking they were in the coop!! And checking this big shed we have that's filled summer stuff like lawn chairs and our snow mobile... They were in neither, they must have been in the woods together sleeping close to each other for wariness in the almost foot of snow we have gotten so far now.

    When I woke up at about 8am, I rushed to the coop thinking maybe they are there, but no ginger or Henrieda.[​IMG] And checking every where In woods, sheds, jus anywhere anything could hide .
    So that moving before I was ate breakfasts I checked for hours searching for theme and calling, trying to walk in is deep 1 1/2 snow on ground.
    At about 9:30 I just kept thinking.. Their dead. So I trailed along my yard having guilt on myself for leaving for that 25 minutes.. Stopped searching now and just trying to accept to myself the bird I have had for 8 years is gone, and my 4 year old is gone too that I love is gone too... Somewhere dead in the snow.

    Then as I was turning towards the shed saying out loud quietly to myself " their dead" right in front of me was ginger !!!!! And foot prints in the snow leading to where she was standing, and behind her Henrieda who had just peeked up her head from resting in there! HERE THEY WERE RIGH IN FRONT OF ME ! I thought I'd never see there little faces! I picked them up together, and I didn't care I kisses them rut in their little chicken cheeks [​IMG] and I hugged them and held me close and tight! I took them back to the coop, trying to walk in all the snow! Henrieda in my left arm and ginger in my right, i finally set them down in the along with the other chickens, they ate and ate. And was perfectly comfortable in their nice warm coop along with their chicken family [​IMG] and I was the happiest chicken farmer that day [​IMG]
    Thanks for reading my story, ginger and Henrieda are happy little hens today in the nice safe summer heat!
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    Apr 29, 2011
    I wonder where they were hiding all night? That dog must have terrified them. So happy for you that they came home!

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