Hens acting drunk, fail to revive, what is this?


8 Years
Jul 25, 2011
I have had 2 hens now that have started to act drunk. They don't get over it even when isolated for several weeks. I started to notice them when they had there wings down, looked a little wild eyed. and stumbled a little. Keeping an eye on them for a day or two I noticed them getting worse, unable to balance themselves correctly they started to eat lying down. There appetite never wavered and they took water well. Soon they were using their wings to steady themselves and even falling over. Their comb and wattles remained with good color. I gave up on the first hen and put her out of her misery. Then a week later another hen started to display the same symtoms.
Any idea what this might be?
The fact that you said they're still eating and drinking throws me off. I have a goose with a nervous disorder with some similar symptoms as you've mentioned. He was born with it but it didn't really show til he was older. He eats and drinks normally, just incoordinated when he walks and uses his wings to balance himself.

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