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    I witnessed an exquisite display yesterday on our roosts, which are 3- 2x4's at the same level. A small sexlink named Redwing flew to the roost from the top of the nest boxes last evening as all the girls prepared to groom and gossip before sleep. Trouble was, the biggest bossiest hen in the coop, Golda, as walking along the middle roost where Redwing sleeps. Golda chose to interpret Redwing's arrival as a threat and stretched up like a rooster, arched and lifted her wings.

    As I was mesmerized by that display, Redwing landed, twisted herself sideways on the front roost and lifted a wing exposing her underbelly to Golda. Her neck stretched back and she stood on one foot in an utter display of submission. Not convinced, Golda fluffed and her eyes blazed. Redwing then, almost against the laws of physics, turned in the other direction and lifted her remaining wing and stood, frozen, in front of Golda. You's think she belonged to the Winnipeg Ballet.

    Then, as though nothing had transpired, Golda returned to her normal size and groomed, forcingRedwing to wait for *her* spot on the middle roost. I was stunned, no birds were injured in the performing of this show, and soon after the roost filled with hens, each of whom stepped into her sleeping spot, including Redwing.

    I wait for moments like this, transfixed.

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    They are certainly entertaining.
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    It was so beautiful, if only I had had a video camera in my pocket...[​IMG]

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