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    Here is my question about 2 weeks ago my sisters dog got in my chicken coop and killed 5 of my 8 Rhode Island red hens. I waited about a week and decided I was going to replace them so I got 12 more RIR chicks. They have been living in my garage in a horse trough for the last week. Today I went to an estate sale and there we two Wyodotte chickens roaming free. Everything was for sale so I asked about the hens they told me you catch them you can have them for free. So my sister and I were able to wrangle one and I brought it home. My 3 existing hens instantly walk over to check her out no more than a minute later it was a free for all I caught the hen and put her in my pygmy goat pen that is right next to the coop. She roamed around for a few minutes and then her and one of the other hens started fighting through the fence. Decided it wasn't going to work boxed her back up and took her back. I knew if they were together the hens would have killed her. Now I am worried how they are going to react when I introduce the new lil hens to the coop. What should I do?
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    It is hard to introduce a single hen to an existing flock anyway.. But of course you can never just throw a new chicken into the arena and hope for the best. The chickens will kill the new comer. You have to slowly introduce her by having her in a pen where they can all see each other but not touch each other...I do mine for two weeks if they are hens, then they must be supervised play ti e together ect.

    My chicks go in the grow out pen which is attached to the big girls house and they are in there for about two to three months and can see and talk to each other. By the time I let them all out together there is never any fighting...

    Your hen would have been fine if you had introduced her properly...I hope she wasn't injured..
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    I would suggest locking those two older hens in a wire dog crate for the introductions.Give them some treats.
    Allow the new chickens to walk freely in the coop/run/ area for a few hours, even 24 hours to get aquainted with their new home. The NEXT day, take your older hens out to the run and set them free. There will ALWAYS be one hen showing dominance.BE PREPARED FOR SOME FLYING FEATHERS!
    My rooster handles these new member introductions.[​IMG] No rooster? Just stay close, ready to break up any fighting hens. I spray them with water.

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