Hens ate insulation - are the eggs safe to eat?

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    May 3, 2008
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    I put some rigid foam insulation on the inside of my chicken coop's walls. The next morning I noticed that the bird-brained sweeties had begun pecking at the insulation. I duct taped over the pecked parts and went to work, but when I got home and checked on them, I discovered they had done a lot of pecking. I pulled out the insulation and cleaned up any pieces I could find, but I know they ate some.

    The hens are fine, didn't even get runny poop. My question is, will the eggs be safe to eat? I have read that after worming hens you aren't supposed to eat the eggs for a month. I don't know if the same principle applies to ingesting other materials as it does to pesticides. I googled the insulation and discovered that, although they state it is not for consumption, there should be no concerns over people eating it. However, I have read that some compounds won't harm a creature if eaten, but will affect them reproductively - which would apply to eggs. How long until this stuff gets out of their systems, if their eggs aren't healthy to eat? If anyone out there can help, I'd really appreciate it.
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    We used the insulation board in our coop, between the walls and inside of the door. The insulation between the walls is covered so they couldn't get to that, but they totally consumed the insulation board on the bottom half of the door before I got smart and covered it with thick cardboard.
    They were fine and we ate the eggs and we are fine.

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