Hens ate medicated chick feed... when can we eat the eggs?

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    So our hens got into a bag of chick feed and scattered it everywhere, so over three or four days they ate the whole bag. At the time we had just finished treating with antibiotics so where not that concerned, they where not laying anyway. So we let them clean it up. Now they are laying ... like 8-12 eggs a day and it is killing me having to throw them away [​IMG]! How long after they finished off the feed can we start eating the eggs again? I would say they finished it for sure by last Friday.

    thanks in advance
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    The small amount of amprol in starter has a zero withdraw period. That just means that the amount in the feed is either not enough to make it to the eggs or is processed by the hen into something that is not harmful to people.


    Edited to add that this is what I read a couple years ago on a University site.
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