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    May 18, 2012
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    I bought 4 Barred Rock & 4 Red Stars labelled as "laying hens" at auction over a week ago, from 2 different sellers. They are quarantined in the barn from my 29 other hens, who are pastured during the day. The new hens are in a large horse stall-turned coop with nesting boxes, roosts, all the necessities, but I will not allow them to pasture with the other hens until a 2 week waiting period is over, and I know they are laying. We've gone 8 days now and no eggs. I've given them tea made with marjoram and parsley to hopefully stimulate laying. They can hear the other hens in the hen house so I'm hoping the cackling will get them going. I also placed some real eggs from my other hens in their roosting boxes. They have good feed, cabbage and greens to peck at and keep busy; also big clumps of dirt and weeds dug up from outside. I also have supplemental lighting for all my hens since the days are shorter. Was I sold some old hens? At what point do I give up? This has never happened to me before with auction-bought hens. Thanks for your help.
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    Your new hens are stressed out from the move to new digs and it will take awhile for them to acclimate. Give them some time to settle down and all should be well.
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    Give the hens time to adjust to their new home.New hens often don't lay asap.

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