Hens bullying new chicks?

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    Jun 11, 2013
    I have had two chickens for about a week by themselves, one is a silkie, and the other is a english/japanese bantam mix I think, and my silkie and her dont really like each other too much. They dont get in fights, its just my mix is a very independent bird and likes to be on her own. Anywho, I was worried my silkie was going to be very lonely and depressed, so yesterday I went and got her three little smooth silkie chicks! (They are about six-eight weeks I think and my hen is about 5 months) They are absolutely adorable, but there is one problem.... Both my hens wont stop picking on them!!! I understand they are trying to establish a pecking order, but not even my silkie hen will let them get near her! If they do she pecks them over and over until they run away. Normally I would let them deal with things, but it has gotten to the point were my hens have taken over their food and water (because I put away the adult food when they are in there and switch it for the chick feed) and wont let them eat or drink. I have to corner off a section of the coop each day for at least an hour or two so the chicks can eat and drink in peace. When ever I'm in the coop with them, I will sit down with the chicks and act like "mother hen" and let them eat and drink, and if another hen comes to one of the chicks I will tap them in the face and back to let them know who rules the coop. I was really suprised that my silkie didn't take them right away because she is normally such a sweet docile bird, but I'm worried that my mix has rubbed off on her a bit/she is trying to be more like her. My mix goes after the chicks more than my silkie, but I am wondering if my silkie is only treating the chicks like this because she sees my other hen doing it. Could this be a possibility? I could seperate her for a day or two and see how that goes. Should I? Could you guys please help me! I don't know what to do!!! They have scared my babies into not wanting to eat because they will get pecked at if they go over there. What should I do?!? Please reply! Desperate chicken owner dying to know what to do!!!![​IMG]

  2. Hens won't accept chicks if they aren't broody. Unless the silkie was broody, then they will just pick on the chicks.
    Seperate the chicks, for their well being, and wait to introduce them until the silkies are about the same size as the silkie, or bigger then jap

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