Hens caught in the rain = sneezing

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    Mar 24, 2011
    Weatherford, Texas
    Okay so Texas actually got some rain! Thank you God!! Problem was that my hens all stood in it like they were in shock!! [​IMG] I have seen them in the rain before and they usually run in the barn and hang out until it's done. This time it came down hard and fast and they just stood there. It was really strange! My husband and I looked at each other like . . . what on earth? So we ran around grabbing a hen here and there. [​IMG] (Got soaked ourselves) Grabbed them up and chased them in their coop. They were all soaked to the skin!! It was still pretty warm out, but so we left their light on - not a heat lamp bulb just a regular bulb in a heat lamp. Still gave them some warmth.

    Problem is I heard some of them sneezing yesterday. Is this something I need to worry about or just watch? None of them are lethargic or acting strange. They did not sound "wet" when breathing. No discharge around nose. One was opening her mouth some but she also did the sprint over to see if I had treats. Either way I am watching them. I am just not sure if I should do anything else. Temps are still pretty nice here. All ran out of the coop this morning. What do I do if they start sounding worse? Or should I do anything now? Was thinking about worming them, should I give mediicne and worm or is that jsut too much at the same time?

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