hens, chicks, torrential rain and cars

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    Sep 19, 2009
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    Just as I got home from work a isolated yet strong summer storm hit. Two free hens with bitties were observed in their responses. One hunkered down in open while other sought shelter under car. Lots of ground striking stick lighting kept me inside door to front porch. Wind got so strong for short time I thought tornado involved. Hen with chicks under car was litterally blown out from under it and chicks separated from her quickly became very drenched. Within ten minutes storm passed and I was able to survey damage. Chicks of hen initially under car were hypothermic, two were lying prostrate on ground barely breathing. I gathered up chicks and placed them in brooder survival of all appears probable. The other hen with chicks weathered storm much better. They did get wet hen was able to keep them covered. Some forms of cover may actually make risks to storms greater than they would be otherwise.

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