Hens de-feathering my rooster


9 Years
Oct 15, 2010
Eastern PA
I have dominant brood cock who has been the flock boss for several years, he is an American Game and has been a great rooster. Early winter last year he starting going bald around the the front of his neck, just the front, under his ears. I couldn't figure out for the life of me why and the feathers would never grow back, just bare skin for months. Then one day I was watching him and his hens would come up and pick out the blood feathers that were trying to start growing. He would let out a noise like it hurt, but he wouldn't stop them, they would just keep doing it. What would cause this? My birds get high quality protein all winter long and get to free range all day. I guess the only thing I can do is isolate him until they grow back.
Alot of time boredom.. try hanging things in their coop, small mirrors and such, things for them to entertain theirselves without picking on the roo.. I've heard some people will hang heads of cabbage and lettuce for them to pick at..I have a few pens that the hens do this to the roo also.. Good luck

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