hens eating all day sitting on eggs all night

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    I just bought 4 marans of which one -no two - no all four wanted to sit on the same 6 eggs in the same nest. my daughter took two of them and the two that are left sit on the eggs at night but wlk around being chickens during the 95 degree days. at night they both go back in the same nest. I bought an incubator after two day of this behavior to try and finish the hatching. now for the past two nights they still pile into the same nest to sleep :)what can i do to make them lay eggs again ? should i put them on a roost after they go to the nest?
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    Are they really broody? Or do they just not know how to roost?

    I think putting them on the roost at night is an excellent idea.

    Also, be aware that moving a hen from home to home can stress her and make her stop laying. This can last for a week or a month.

    OR, they could really be broody. Are they making puck-puck-pucking sounds as they walk around during the day? I have a broody hen right now. It's way too hot for her to sit on the nest during the day. She would most likely die. So she walks around all day puck-puck-pucking, and being cranky with all the other hens....

    Hope my response was mildly helpful. [​IMG]

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