hens eating eggs...aggghhh

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    Jul 6, 2011
    As you may recall about a week ago I bought a whole flock of hens of mixed age and breed. For the first few days I was getting 4-6 eggs, and noticed one day some yolk in a nest. I cleaned it up and didn't think much about it as I didn't see shell or egg on any becks. Two days ago I collected 11 eggs. Yesterday only 3. Of the 18 chickens, 4 are pullets, so I should have 14 layers. I was really excited over the 11 eggs in one day. Today, I was kind of expecting another large day. This morning I could hear them singing their egg song, went out to collect and none. Noticed two hens hanging out in the coop on a roost. Came back to the house went back out about 90 minutes later and same thing...no eggs. Just went back and guess what I found...those two red hens with egg all over their face. I came right into the house and got some golf balls. Took them right back out there and put them in the nesting boxes and they went right for them! Just sat there pecking and pecking at the balls. So I cleaned out the yolky bedding and went back to replace it with new when I found them attempting to go after another egg. this one had just been layed and they had ran that hen off. I took this egg from them and you should have seen them cock their heads and give me the stink eye. Got the egg back to the house and I notice that it is a very thin shell, almost papery and quite small. So I am off to get some oyster shell today and more golf balls. I have eight laying boxes, but only 6 balls.

    It is so frustrating. I feel for them. I know they have been through a lot this past week with the move and what not. But I am not okay with this. They are getting to free range now and have lots of fresh water and feed out for them free will. Guess I will add the oyster shell and see what happens.

    Any other suggestions?
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    get rid of the two egg eaters as they will not stop and they will teach the other ones to do it too. bye bye birdie if they were mine

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