Hens eating the eggs!!

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    Jan 5, 2009
    I have about 40 hens and they are released in the afternoon to free range after most have laid for the day but lately they're breaking and eating anywhere from 4-6 eggs each day maybe more that's how many shells I find in the nestboxes, the problem is I don't know which ones are doing it? Everything is the same as far as feed and living conditions are good, no overcrowding plenty of room no added stress except a change of outside temps from 80 - 90's lately, what would cause this habit and and how would I figure out which ones are doing it?
    Thanks for any help!
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    Quote:About the only way to figure out who is to seperate them. Or you could watch closely for a few days.

    They could be doing it because they need the calcium or protein; or boredom, or just a nasty habit they learned.

    Try putting golfballs/fake eggs in the nests. Other people have reported success filling eggs with hot mustard/horseradish or liquid soap. Keeep the nests dark so they won't see the eggs as well. Some people have even put curtains in front of the nests. I had success breaking mine by gathering the eggs frequently, and rearranging the coop to shake things up. The bad news is some people haven't had success breaking them.

    Good luck


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