Hens eating their eggs!!!

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    Hi... I have a backyard flock whom I love like pets. We usually get from 7-9 eggs a day. Recently, we have only been getting 1-3. One day I opened the door on the coop and saw all the hens gathered around an egg eating it. I ran in and put a rock on top of it so they couldn't finish it. This has been going on for 2 weeks now. We have tried fake eggs, filling the eggs with mustard, and everything. Nothing will phase them! My mother says if we don't get eggs soon, that she will shoot them all- and she's serious. What else can be done so my babies don't have to die???
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    Find out which chicken is opening the eggs for them to eat. It’s pretty normal for any chicken to eat an egg once it is opened. That is not an egg eater. An egg eater is a chicken that opens an egg so it can eat it. You need to be pretty ruthless in getting rid of them before they teach others to open eggs.

    How can you do that? You need to be there and watch. See which hen actually does the opening when an egg is put in front of her. It is often not real easy to figure out the guilty party or parties.

    Another option is to build a roll-away nest box. You can find some examples on here. This is where the bottom of the nest is sloped so the eggs roll to a safe place when it is laid. If they can’t get to them, they can’t eat them.

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