Hens-- EE, blue Orp, Silkie, Marans in Colorado?

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    Sep 22, 2011
    Front Range
    We recently sadly lost 4 of our 7 hens and are looking for a couple of hens to add to our coop. We would like to add two young hens now, then two to three chicks in the spring, and both my daughters hope to start showing in 4H this year. We live about an hour north of Denver. We're really open to all breeds but mostly seeking LF and would love a blue orpington, easter eggers, marans, or Cuckoo Olive eggers. My 11-year-old daughter has said she'd like a silkie or frizzle to show in 4H, so we're just starting to explore that. Thanks! Debbie
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    If no one can help you email me and perhaps one of my relatives in the Denver area will help you out if they have something. They would have 4-Her quality birds in possibly TRUE Ameraucanas, TRUE Araucanas or many different colored PURE Orpingtons. These are not hatchery stock. Good luck, Harry

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