Hen's face is turning white

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    Sep 12, 2011
    My barred rock hen is 9 months old and I noticed today that her face is turning white. We lost our buff orpington last week to a hawk and have since kept the others in their run with limited free ranging. I am wondering if she is sick or just stressed.
  2. Noobchick

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    May 23, 2011
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    Could be one of a number of things. My girls' faces have turned paler each of the times they've been sick with something and once when they were not getting enough of different vitamins. Each time I corrected the problem, their faces turned red again. My girls hve had two bacterial infections, three rounds of parasites and two vitamin deficiencies. (I learned my lesson: never bring in older birds to an established flock.)

    Have you changed their food recently? A chnage in free ranging access may be affecting them too. Not as much sunshine maybe? (Vitamin D) Not as many greens? (vitamin A), etc.

    I'd try giving them Nutri-drench or some other kind of vitamin in their water (beware: it can make their eggs have an off flavor) and/or give them more greens such as kale. (high in vitamin A)

    Any other symptoms? My girls started having a few blood spots in their eggs which cleared up as soon as I started giving them kale. (blood spots can be a sign of vitamin A deficiency)

    Hope that helps.

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