Hens fretting??

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    Mar 11, 2015
    Hi from Australia!! Need some advice please. I have 3 hand raised silkies - 2 hens and 1 rooster who i love dearly. Unfortunately while i was out yesterday a bush turkey attacked my rooster and killed him. He was only 2 yo and i am devestated. Im now really worried that the girls are going to fret for him and die too. Were we live im not suppose to have a rooster (suburbs) he was suppose to be a hen but my neighbors grew to like him.

    My question is will they fret as they dont have him any more? They all grew up together from 3 weeks old. If need be i will get another rooster or would maybe a little chick help them? I really dont want to "replace" him [​IMG] please help.
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    Sorry about your rooster! If the hens do not seem distressed i think they will be ok. Update us if they do start stressing! Good luck
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    They may be 'distressed' for a short time.
    They usually are when something changes,
    especially a population change as it upsets the pecking order.

    But they will adjust, just give them some time.

    Adding another bird could upset things even more.
    Integration in a tiny flock can be difficult.
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    I agree with aart. People tend to attribute to their chickens the same emotions they feel when chickens have no emotions that are like humans have.

    They do form attachments, though they aren't quite the same as human bonding. But any sort of deviation from what chickens are used to will upset the social order until they adjust.

    In other words, change of any kind is liable to make chickens "fret" a bit, and adding new chickens will upset them even more as it directly affects their social order requiring an adjustment of every individual in relation to the newcomer.

    The least upsetting to the social order is the addition of new chicks since they are tiny and non-threatening. But you certainly don't want to add just a single chick which would be disastrous for the chick.
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    I completely agree with azygous and aart. We don't know how many chickens you are allowed to have where you live, it will be better to add some chicks to your small flock of 2. If you were to lose one of your silkies, you will be left with only one. Chickens are social creatures and need more of their own. Adding just one chick will be a disaster. There are very good informational articles about integration in BYC that will help you a lot if you decide to add to your flock.
    Good luck!!!

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