Hens have damaged feathers on head


10 Years
Nov 4, 2010
my farm South Alabama
I'm trying to get some egg layers together. I've got a few. I get 2-4 eggs a day. Mostly have Moran, Rhode island red, and large black(sorry I don't know the breed name). I killed off 2 large roos last weekend, leaving one. I have also introduced about 10 new young birds, the offspring of the older, about 6 months old. Here's the problem. The older laying hens have feathers missing from their heads, and back. I thought there were too many roos. Now I'm just not sure. I watch them eat. The one roo kinda dominates one feeder. It's round so he can't dominate all of it. Also I added a 2nd feeder. I don't see any apparent pecking, so how is this happening? I wish I could seperate all the roos, but don't have a place. I tried free range, but something is getting them. How many birds per square foot in an inclosure? I also have a goose that lives with the chickens. Ihave not seen any aggressive behavior from her. Any ideas thought or suggestion appreciated.


11 Years
Jul 31, 2008
sounds like a roo... sometimes feathers will be pulled out when he is "holding on"

rule out mites and lice too though

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