hens have poo all over their butts

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    Sep 17, 2008
    Okay so almost all of my six hens have poo stuck to their butts. They have access to a run and are never locked in their coop. I think they just might have eaten some compost that made them have some runny poo. What do I do? Do I need to get it off or will it come off on it's own? Do I need to soak their butts in warm water or use a warm washcloth to get it off?
  2. Trim it off with scissors. If it comes back, trat it like pasty butt.....Pop

    Pasty Butt;

    OK, The straight skinny on "Pasty Butt". Believe it or not, Pasty Butt is a symptom of constipation. The cure is molasses in their drinking water. Molasses is a natural laxative for fowl. Mix it like weak tea and give it to them for 2 days. Naturally you should clean their little butts with a warm damp cloth before you start the treatment. Failure to cure this condition could result in a painful death for your chicken. This treatment is for adult birds as well as chicks.
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    I had a hen get all pasty. I sat her down in a tub of warm water to soak the poo loose. She didn't protest much. I had her isolated 4 nights to watch for other problems. She is fine now.

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