Hens haven`t started laying yet

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    Hello all, I have three hens ( a barred rock, RIR, and a wyandotte) that were born around the end of March and I still haven`t had any eggs, its just starting to get cold here, will I have to wait till spring to see any eggs? I have just put an Ameraucana rooster with them about two weeks ago that a guy gave me and so far they all get along and all look healthy. This is the first time I have ever had chickens but if I can talk my wife into it, I plan on getting more soon [​IMG]. They are being fed laying mash with a little scratch mixed in (some I had left over) along with table scraps when we have any. Thanks
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    Welcome to the club! I been waiting for 7 loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong months and nothing [​IMG] [​IMG] they also don't nEed a roo to lay
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    Yeah, I know but I like to hear them crow even though this one hasn`t yet [​IMG] Hopefully He`ll start crowing and the the girls will start laying, lol [​IMG]
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    The time of year may be influencing their laying...because the days are shorter and the weather drains some of their energy to keep themselves warm, rather that to produce eggs. Make sure that they have no worms, and have plenty of water, and of course good feed. Perhaps you switched to laying feed too soon. Remember that they need the higher protein food/feed for complete development. Generally I have heard that Scratch doesn't have much food value -- so that would be reducing the protein in their diet.

    Hopefully you will be getting eggs in awhile--- My barred rocks were 6-months old when they began to lay.
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    Thanks, I may have switched them early, they were on medicated grower/starter when they were little but I switched them about august to layer with scratch, thanks again
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    Our five (see sig for breeds) are 23 weeks tomorrow and none of them are laying. The BA sure looks like she could start any time now and the wellie doesn't seem far behind, but the BR is taking her time and still rather pinkish rather than red. The dom even seems to have passed her in development now. The EE is a toss up since her face is 99% feathers. [​IMG] Anyway, ours are on a non-medicated grower (we won't switch them to layer until they lay), and still waiting. The short days are likely the reason for the delay, but whatever will be will be. [​IMG]
  7. Unfortunately when you get them a bit later in the year they come of laying age about the time the days are getting shorter and the temps are dropping. The combination of their young age and the shorter daylight will def. delay the laying. I agree with the other poster on the feed as well. Dont listen to all the hype about switching exactly at 18 or 20 weeks. IMPO it is a bunch of crap, LOL. I go with medicated starter until 4 weeks old, then non medicated starter until I see an egg period. No matter the age. They def need the protein and good vitamin base in the starter until they lay.

    PS. You will love that first egg that much more, its like the golden egg. Youll find yourself holding and admiring it as you contemplate running around the neighborhood to show everyone. LOL [​IMG]
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    Lets see if this works, I'm going to try to post pics of them [​IMG]

    RIR Hen:

    Wyandotte (was told she is blue laced but I`m thinking splash):

    BR Hen:

    Ameraucana Roo (the new guy):
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    Holy Crap, It Worked!!![​IMG]
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    that is some interesting feathering on the barred rock........almost roosterish [​IMG]

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