hens keep getting bumblefoot,why?

the coop has a wooden floor with a mix of bedding,dirt,and straw(they never keep the nesting material in the nesting boxes)and the run is dirt with smooth river rocks since we are on a river bed that dried up long ago when they put the dams in.the roost is about a foot and a half off the ground and they have a soft landing,could theiy be getting it from the wooden nesting boxes?and they are a leghorn,a barred rock,and a black sex link,the leghorn(creamellow)has never gotten bumblefoot but she has other health problems since she is three.
Put sand in nesting boxes , mine don’t scratch that out and it’s soft on their feet.

My understanding is the higher they have to jump down from the more chance of getting bumblefoot ... now that they have sore feet you could make a landing pad half way down to help them get up and down .

I have sand in coop and poop boards and nesting boxes ... works great .

Rocks aren’t easy on hens feet’s, might be times to rake it out ....I’d help but :)

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