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    Apr 4, 2011
    I've been lurking for a couple of weeks but have learned so much from this board! My question - I have 2 RIR's that have been laying for a few weeks now. My BR and BO have finally joined them in laying as well. I was out of town last week and my husband found three eggs in the coop one day (they were locked up all day). I was thrilled but the next day, I only got 2. The following day, I had three again (they were let out in the morning), but the third one was different than the one my husband found 2 days prior. I started to suspect that both the BR and BO were now laying. I also heard "egg songs" being sung in the woods where they were foraging. I tried to check in several locations they hang out during the day but found nothing. I caught the BO by herself one day singing the song and I checked all over - nothing. Two days ago we were gone until three in the afternoon - checked the hen house - four eggs! Yesterday, I left them in their run until 12:30 pm - four eggs again! Normally they are let out between 8 - 9 am and they are locked back up at dusk. The RIR's go in the hen house throughout the day and lay in their nest. Can I get the BO & BR used to laying in their nest by leaving them in until afternoon? Or will they still lay somewhere else if I let them out in the morning? I'm going to let them out tomorrow morning and see if the BO & BR go back in to lay. I'm just curious if they can be "trained" to lay in the hen house if they are kept in for a few days?
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    I had you're same problem last fall with my pullets. I had 2 that would lay everytime in their nest in the hen house and 3 that would periodically lay in the hen house and other times I would find eggs in the wood line or in my husbands shop shelves. [​IMG] I did exactly what you are thinking. I left them in the hen house and run for almost a week and that did it. After that they always layed in their nests. I hope that works for you too, or at least that you get some good advice from some more experienced chicken owners, because I'm kind of new to this as well.
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    You're right on target! I keep my POL hens in the coop until the afternoon (at least 3pm), and this helps establish good laying habits.....Then they get used to laying in the nest boxes and feel secure doing that......
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    Definitely leave them in the coop longer [​IMG] I had a RIR who decided the nest box was okay but my falling down barn was better [​IMG] I made curtains for the nest boxes for more privacy and kept them in longer. Solved the problem [​IMG]

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