Hens laying under roosting bars

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    Jun 7, 2011
    Our hens started laying again after taking the winter off but have been ignoring their nests in favor or another corner of the coop. I'm curious if those of you who have been in similar situations try to persuade them back to the nest box or just move the boxes to where they are laying? It doesn't really matter to me, I'd just like them laying in the box bc when they don't eggs get lost in the pine shavings.
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    Do you have new layers that were added that started laying during their winter layoff? Have you cleaned the nests/changed the bedding/checked for parasites in the nests that might be making the nests uncomfortable?
    Ultimately, nest boxes are all about human convenience - and, as you noted, it would be beneficial to you to have the eggs there rather than in the floor. I would work on figuring out why they have decided not to use the boxes, address any causes I can address and start a re-training process.
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    Jun 7, 2011
    Everything has been cleaned and freshened. The only thing different in the coop from last season is a the largish free standing feeder was replaced with a PVC wall hanging feeder - making the nest boxes a bit more exposed. So I think the new location feels a bit more private ..??
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    I'd block off the corner where they want to lay,
    put a bucket or something in the way,
    and put some fake eggs in the nests.

    Maybe even put a hen or two in the nests with the fake eggs,
    just so they are newly exposed to them
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