Hens laying up a storm but still not able to eat an egg


9 Years
Jun 26, 2010
Roanoke Alabama
I have 12 hens that are laying and haven't been able to eat a fresh egg in months. I'm selling them before they get laid. At first I was wondering how to make egg selling pick up. Now it's booming. I love it, trying to build a name as a seller and also breeder. But reason I posted was wondering if there is anyone like me on here that sells eggs faster than the girls lay and ain't able to eat your own eggs. So I do without. I refuse to eat store eggs.
Sounds to me like you need more chickens!!
I haven't eaten a single egg my girls have laid. I have them all sold before they're laid too. Waiting for my youngest batch to start laying. Probably won't be until March or April!
Just remember that trends reverse and that a majority of the people here seem to have the opposite problem. Meeting the demand now may be the key rather than not having excess supply in the very near future.

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