hens listless, dirty bottoms, natural remedies preferred

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    Nov 14, 2009
    I have two hens who are a bit listless, sitting around, eyes closed now and then. They both have dirty bottoms and have a smell about them. They both recently molted, and one (the darker brown one) has started laying again, the other I'm not sure of. The darker one is only a bit over a year old and was supposed to be a heritage bird, the other I'm not sure of. On the lighter brown one, I can feel a soft crop, it doesn't feel really full. On the darker one, I can't feel a crop anywhere in front nor off to the side. The darker one looks really puffed up in the front when it's sitting around. It has that look of a bird that's going to go. I really don't want to lose that one, it's a lovely hen and makes very nice "honking" type noises and lays a unique coloured egg (dark brownish mauve, not really brown). I've checked and don't see signs of fleas or mites on them. What do I need to do for these birds? What might be going on? I prefer not to use medications. I give them DE in their feed and have used apple cider vinegar and silver in the past for a respiratory ailment that a few birds had, which seemed to clear things up and they've been quite healthy in general.



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