Hens losing rear/vent feathers

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    Jun 14, 2007
    I have five hens and one rooster. I noticed today that the hens are losing their feathers/fluff around their vent. They are also a bit red around their vent. I noticed it on two of them because it is pretty bad (don't know how i didn't realize it before) and then after examining the others, they all seem to be losing feathers in the same area. I don't think the rooster is having the same problems..however he won't let me pick him up without a fight.....

    They have been in the coop more than usual this week as I have not been home as usual. They are usually free ranging most of the day. However, they are been locked in their coop for hours at a time this week [​IMG]

    I looked at their rear for mites/lice and didn't see anything crawling.

    Could they be picking feathers out of boredom from being locked up too much?

    Could the rooster be mating too much?

    Should I treat it like it may be mites/lice?

    Any info. would be greatly appreciated!
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    It could be any of the things you mentioned. I would lean toward little critters and would dust them all.

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