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    Sep 4, 2013
    We have three hens who started sitting several weeks ago. They have since, about four or so days ago, hatched seven eggs. Now it seems they're ignoring the eggs they have left - we think the two other hens laid eggs a week or so after the first. It does seem like they sit on them at night still, but there's only so much room with the little ones, and they spend the day with the chicks on the floor. Should we take the remaining eggs and attempt to incubate them?

    If so, is there anything special we should be on the watch for? We'll have to use cardboard boxes and a heating lamp.
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    Nope the ones left are gone.... But why are your hens sleeping in the nest boxes..... They should be sleeping on roosts mounted higher than the nest boxes.

    Ideally if you find you have a broody hen you should take measures to exclude other hens from laying more eggs in her nest. Just because of that whole staggered hatch possiblity. Hens will stay on the nest if they know the eggs are viable.... By the time they are ready to hatch the chicks start peeping inside the shell.... momma can hear them.... Be careful throwing those eggs out they have been known to Explode.... LOL.

    Once the chicks hatch that are going to hatch the hen will take them from the nest to teach them to forage. Usually they wont return to the nest box because the chicks cant get back in. I put extra bedding on the floor for the hen to keep the chicks warm during the night.

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    by the way..... [​IMG] from San Diego.... LOL

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