Hens not going upstairs in coop?

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    Apr 14, 2012
    Just got our 2 first girls in our backyard. Our hens don't seem to go upstairs/ramp in the coop to the roosting bars and the nesting boxes? Do I physically have to put them up there at night ? Not sure they know to go up there? Will they eventually find there way or do I have to put them up there ????
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    If they are new chickens to your yard and coop, it helps to put them in the coop and lock them in for one full day or so at first, so they are comfortable with being in there. Then when you open the coop door, they will learn to use the ramp, and find safety being in there. Chickens won't go into the coop until they are familiar.

    Then the day they are finally let out, at roosting time you can lure them inside with a tray of tasty treats, after that, they should be familiar enough with the ramp and coop.
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