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    I have 5 chickens (three Buff Orpingtons, and two Black Sex-links). They are in a chicken coop 4 x 6 with a run 6 x 14. One day I noticed one of the black chickens is very aggressive and head of the pecking order.. However, she picks on two of the Buff Orpingtons. The black chicken was chasing the small one and suddenly the small chicken squatted down; then the black chicken pecks her on the head. The small chicken is scared of the black chicken. The small Orpington try to stay out of her way..The black chicken won't let the other chicken in the coop when shes laying an egg. Do you suppose that two are scared and stressed, which made them stop laying. All 5 were laying for a short period of time and two Orpingtons suddenly stopped laying. Does anyone have any ideas about the problem?

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    The squatting is very normal. This is referred to as the "egg squat." It can either be a sign she is ready to mate or that she is showing that she understands the other hen's dominance. They may be stressed which is causing them to stop laying. But it could also be the time of year. When the light decreases and they start molting, they stop laying.

    As for the mean hen, what I've found works is to put her in "jail" for a few hours. Make sure she has food and water and can still see the other birds. Then let her rejoin the flock. Hopefully she will have calmed down.

    Good luck!
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    Good advice from Mountain Peeps.

    If it gets to the point of needing to remove bully/bullies. I think it's better that they are no longer in contact at all and remove for at least 2 days.

    When some are stressed from being bullied, make sure there are multiple food and water stations.

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