Hens not laying (help)


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Jul 19, 2008
New Hampshire
I have 21 hens about a month ago I had been getting at most 12-16 eggs a day, about 2 weeks ago I added to my flock. I had them in different coops. The new ones are about 5 months old. They all free range now and I'm getting 2-3 eggs a day. No one looks like they are moulting? What could it be I'm going nuts, everyone is getting along great any advice any one can give me.

I only have 7 girls and have only been getting 2 eggs a day for the last week or two? What's going on?
If they're freeranging they might be hiding nests. The older girls (if they're in the 15-18 month range) are probably getting ready to molt. They'll often slow way down/stop before they start looking naked. The shorter days will slow them all down too, but I'd start off by locking everybody in the coop/run for a week or so and see if you get more eggs.

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