Hens not letting Roo mate?


Aug 17, 2015
So, my rooster is really good with coraling the girls and keeping them safe and together and protected.. but one thing I've noticed is that my hens won't let my rooster mate them easily. He's getting the job done, but only with a lot of chasing, grabbing their back or neck, and climbing on. I think it's starting to show on their lower back, too. At first I thought it was maybe them starting a molt or something, it was only one or 2 hens, but I'm noticing more of them with their lower backs getting more and more bare. I've watched, and when he advances one and does his little side step dance the girls split and dash away and he chases and starts grabbing at them.

Also, last night my rooster fluffed at me when I was closing up the coop and fell off the roost from his usual spot and while I shone the light in there for him to find the roost again, the girls had already taken over his spot, leaving him only the end of the line at the other side of the roost.. next to my favorite hen who often sleeps far to that side, usually alone. He wasn't happy. He likes being against the wall on the other side. And then I saw him reach over and peck my favorite girl on the head and back multiple times. She cowered and waddled off the roost and into a nesting box for a little bit before getting back on the roost further away from him. I picked him off the roost and wiggled him between the other girls closer to his area, which seemed to make him happy, but why did he reach over and peck my favored girl so meanly? It's no wonder she stays to herself if that's how he treats her.

I thought hens were supposed to hunch down. My favored hen does it to me when she wants me to cuddle and pick her up. Follows me around and will stop in front of me and crouch.

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