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    I had a flock of 4 hens. One orpington, one barred rock and two ameraucanas. All were laying just fine. I recently added a jersey giant pullet and sussex pullet. There was some tail feather pulling, then the orpington went broody, things settled down - But now they have stopped laying. It's been about three weeks. They all get along well enough now.

    I have a small hen house (probably a bit too small for 6 hens) but I'm in Florida so they are out in a very large pin year round and in the hen house to lay and sleep.

    Warm up the stew pot, wait or does someone have a suggestion?
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    They've got oyster shells, right?
    Perhaps adding a bit extra protein might kick start something as well? I've never had to try this 'remedy' but it seems pretty universal.

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    Sounds like you may have stressed them out. They may also be forming a new Pecking Order. It may take some time to get them back laying but I wrote a thread on how to encourage laying in hens that have stopped. You may find it helpful.

    The link:


    Timothy in Ky

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