Hens or Roos? Last one! :)


10 Years
Jun 13, 2013
These are my Mottled Houdans. One is supposed to be a roo and one a hen. I may need to submit a better pic of the one on the bottom. Can anyone tell which is which? I sure hope MMH didn't accidentally send me two roos! Thanks!

How can you tell? I'm lost!
How can you tell? I'm lost!
Well, right now it is mainly guessing, but there are a few differences. Roosters at this age usually are developing larger combs and wattles, or at least reddening in the face. They'll also often have smaller, more ragged crests (in terms of the crested breeds), have thicker legs, and be in general more gawky in appearance. The bird in the second photo shows a red face/comb, a more tufty crest, thicker legs, and a more gawky appearance than the top bird, so my conclusion is that it is a cockerel. In contrast, the top bird has a nice rounded crest, round, fully body shape, thinner legs, and very little color in the comb, making it more likely to be a pullet.
Thank you! I can completely tell which one is the roo and which is the pullet with my White Crested Black Polish. The pullet is so sweet too!

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