Hens or roos???

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by newchick39, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. newchick39

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    Apr 11, 2016
    [VIDEO][/VIDEO][​IMG] this was supposed to be a girl she is about 6 weeks old im thinking it could be a rooster, any thoughts? ? [​IMG]
    And this chicks a barred rock im not sure about either she is the same age[​IMG]
    Thanks in advance
  2. Lady of McCamley

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    Mar 19, 2011
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    If you are solid on your age, 6 weeks, I am thinking the EE could be a rooster. That looks like 3 clear rows of peas, fairly advanced, and already pinking up. While at first blush the pattern is very similar to the typical female EE pattern (patridge with gold head), I am seeing red barring coming in on the wings. That could pattern out and show female, but it is very suspicious. I am also seeing the chest is a different color. Usually the common female pattern is gold chest, head, hackles, with brown partridge back with nice even stippling.

    So I am leaning to EE roo at this point...BUT EE's change color a lot, and the comb is not super red yet, so there is hope it could still be a pullet.

    Your Barred Rock, if 6 weeks of age, is probably a pullet, but watch. That is a bit more comb than some at this age, but it is still pale yellow. I've had more than one precocious BR pullet that developed quickly and laid early. I'm leaning to pullet at this time as the roos typically have red comb early on especially if they are an early developer. You should know more in a couple of weeks. If that comb gets true red, you'll have a male on that one too.

    So, sorry, it is still ambiguous. Watch and wait. A couple of more weeks should indicate more.

    My thoughts
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  4. newchick39

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    Apr 11, 2016
    Thank you both so much. I am new so i loved your detailed description of what is common for females vs males. Im learning alot from this site so hopefully in a few years ill be able to help someone new.
  5. Chicken Girl1

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    Mar 3, 2015
    x2 your EE is a very beautiful bird!
  6. newchick39

    newchick39 Out Of The Brooder

    Apr 11, 2016
    Thank you

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