Hens or roosters? I'm starting to wonder. Any ideas?


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I'm going to try to attach a picture of my chickens to find out if they are indeed hens or roosters. I only have one (I think) out of 4 chickens leaving eggs in the nest and I'm begining to wonder if the others are roosters. Every time I find an egg, I show it to the group and tell them how happy it makes me :0) I was hoping that would inspire them to get busy.

The Reds and the Black and White ones are the same age, I got them in May for Mother's Day and they were about a week old I think. The little black one came from a friend and is possilby a week or so younger than my others, but I believe she is my layer...so I'm wondering if the others are males or just not ready yet. The one black and white one does crow, but the other 3 don't. It seems to me that the Red ones have large combs and one of them runs towrads me and tries to peck at me when I go into the coop sometimes, first I thought she just loved me so much, but now it is just agressive behavior. Another indicator of gender or just plucky?


This is the one given to me by my friend and I think she is the layer, but I don't know her breed. She has big feathers on her feet



Here is a group photo, they are so hard to photograph! I didn't read the photo tips on here untill this evening, I can try again tomorrow if these pics don't give enough detail.


This is my noisy crowing rooster.

Thanks so much in advance for any feedback on my chickens
well, they all look like ladies to me, except ofcourse, for your noisy roo! He is beautiful.
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I think they are all girls too. They look just like my girls do. However, they are just now starting to lay and they are just now turning 20 weeks. So it just might be a little longer. It think 2-3 out of my 6 are laying. They are really cute little eggs.
The black one looks like an EE/Cochin cross pullet. And all of the others, except the lovely barred roo in the last couple of pics, are girls. Give them time. It takes a little while for them to start laying.
Thanks to everyone for the comments. I'm so happy that all the rest are girls. I need to be more patient I guess.

Now I will go try to find out what an EE is! I have alot to learn, did I mention that I'm a total newbie?

Oh and by the way, last night my husband was cleaning the garage and found 2 eggs in there! Now I know which one of my girls is the layer because we caught her in the garage a couple of times about 3 weeks ago, so she was looking for a place to nest all by herself, I was still working on the nesting box set up at the time!
Thanks again
EE stands for Easter Egger. It refers to a chicken that is normally a result of crossing an Ameraucana or Araucana with another breed. Typically (but not always), these birds will have beard, muffs, pea comb, and green legs and will lay pretty much any color of egg including blue, green, brown, and white. They come in a rainbow of colors and are good layers.

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