Hens or Roosters???


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Mar 12, 2017
View attachment 1042427 View attachment 1042428 View attachment 1042430 View attachment 1042431 Ok so where do I start..... I'm a new chicken mommy. 11 weeks ago we picked up our first batch of 1 day old baby chicks from a hatchery not to far from our home. I am noticing a few things that consern me. My 2 Production Reds are for one larger than my other breeds and starting to act in my eyes more like a rooster than a hen. So I know the hatchery couldn't guarantee all my chicks were hens but come on what's the chance both my Production Reds are roosters? We were so excited to get them home and watch them grow (quickly). Now my kiddos are feeling sad thst we may have to give up not 1 but possibly 2 of our birds. The first 2 pictures are what I think is for sure our rooster. He/She has for a couple weeks now been attempting to cockadoodledoo in the mornings. He/She has also always been the more dominant bird. Could this just be the pecking order? He/She also attachs/try to mount 1 of my Buff Orpingtons (always the same one). What are your thoughts as far as what I'm saying and by how he/she looks? The last 2 pictures are what I thought was a hen..... now I'm second guessing because he/she has now also been attempting to cockadoodledoo. Now, I have only heard this bird do it once. The more concerning thing with this one is that for 2 or 3 days now when I go out in the mornings to let them out of the coop he/she attacks my other Products Red (the one I thought for sure was a rooster) and they run around like a mad house all around the run untill he/she is scared back up in the coop. She won't let him/her eat untill after awhile. Now this 2 bird doesn't look as much like a rooster then my first one. What are your thoughts on this bird too? Thanks in advance for any info. anyone can give me.


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I just wanted to let you know your pictures don't seem to be working. I get an error message when I try to view them.

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Jun 9, 2017
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I haven't tried attaching photos yet because our computer is the one that has all the pics. On it, and it blinks like crazy in the heat. Don't have the ac hooked up right now.... Only time it will work properly is in the early morning.

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