Hens pecked on and assumingly ate pink insulation board.

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    Nov 7, 2011
    Hello everyone...haven't been on for a long time. But I am in need of any ones knowledge here.

    Most of the winter here in Wi. we are able to let our hens out to run in our old dairy barn - out of the wind and snow and they seem to love it as they are always at the door pecking on it to get out and have fun. They also have access to an outside run from their house to a pen in the out doors.

    Anyway, 2 days ago - 2-9-15, I let them run free in the barn, all the while still having access to their H20 and food in their house. They usually stay out for 4-5 hours pending on what time they finish laying their eggs.
    Yesterday, 2-10-15, after feeding in the morning - hens still in their house - I noticed a piece of pink insulation board that must have fallen from a pile my husband was using in the barn on some repairs. I then noticed that it had peck marks and portions of it missing along the edges....no particles in sight. Suddenly I felt a panic and realized they had been pecking and eating on it !!!!!!!!!! I only wish I had a pic of it to post, but I am with out a camera right now.
    So, not knowing who exactly and if all or a few had enjoyed the board....will they get sick and should we not eat any of the eggs they lay for several days to not ingest any of the who knows what!????

    Anyone have ANY ideas about this? I still need to look up insulation board and get more info about it..........

    Thanks for any answers!

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    Apr 12, 2013
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    I would like to know what is so delicious about foam. Mine have eaten a 2x3 piece that sided their baby coop. They have eaten spray foam. I now sandwich it with another piece of plywood. They are all fine but it is annoying.

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