Hens pecking rooster


Oct 25, 2018
Western New York
I have 23 hens and 1 rooster. They are in a 10 x 12 pen and have at least double that for a run. They go out in the run daily and are out there for the majority of the day. My rooster is getting pecked terribly by the hens. His comb is often bleeding and they have pecked off several of his points. I’m not sure what to do. He is separated and I sprayed him with Vetericyn. Any tips on how to stop the hens from pecking his comb or why they are??


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I think it starts out as just picking at a little blood, then one day it turns into a bad habit.
I had a rooster that would just stand there and let the girls pick at his comb.
Separation like you are doing was the only solution I found. I would heal him up, then put him back with the girls. If he cut his comb on wire or got another scab, then it was like the ladies remembered blood and it would start all over again.

I would only put him back once the comb is completely healed, if not, then the girls will just start picking again.

You could try pinless peepers too - never used them, but some do and those help keep birds from picking at one another.


Oct 25, 2018
Western New York
Thanks so much. That is what I thought but I wasn't sure. It seems to happen every once in awhile. His comb will be fine and all of a sudden it will be bleeding again. And it is just like you said; he just stands there and lets them pick at it. Today it got so bad that he had blood dripping down behind his comb. I'm not sure if he is cutting his comb or if the girls are just picking at it so badly he is bleeding. Thanks again

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