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    Oct 26, 2015
    I have a mixture of 20 hens this winter i was getting 10-13 eggs per day since it started warming up im getting 1-2 eggs per day and have not changed anything its been 2 months now with very few eggs. I did notice a lot of feathers in the coop so i started them on feather fixer feed and also just started then on oyster shells. What else can i do. These hens are supposed to be about 2-3 yrs old
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    [​IMG] If you're seeing a lot of feathers they may be molting, or have an external parasite issue. Have you dusted them for mites and lice recently? I would suggest that and also deworm them while you're at it, as precaution.

    The short winter days and changes in season does slow all but the most enthusiastic layers down, as most hens need around 12+ hours of light daily to stimulate them and keep them productive. They may get going again soon, now the weather is getting better and the days are longer.

    Your flock is also not very young any more, which can also be a factor. Many breeds and hens will start slowing down a bit in the laying department after their first laying season.

    Here is a more detailed breakdown of possible causes of non-laying: https://www.backyardchickens.com/a/why-are-my-hens-not-laying.

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