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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by i12bme, Jun 19, 2008.

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    Jun 19, 2008
    I have had backyard chickens for several years and always raised chicks in an incubator. This month we decided to let the two broody hens do the work. The chicks are hatching out today (one cute little chick is already under her mama's wing). There are 4 hens in my flock at this time, all sharing the same space. Should I take any special precautions to protect the chicks from the big girls?
    Secondly, any advice on the provision of food/water for the little ones? The big girls free range and I supplement with Layena. Should I provide chick feed, or just let their mamas show them what they need to know?
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    Jun 18, 2008
    i am pretty sure you need chick feed in with the chickens and chicks but the mama will also make some of her owne food but it will help her out and keep the chicks healthy if you have chick feed in there with them.
    and make sure you have all deep water feeders out of the cage and have a chick water feeder in there instead but make sure the hens can get to the water too.
    what i do when one of my hens have chicks is that i move the mama and her babies away from the other hens and roos and in a seperate cage with plunty of room, shade, sunlight, food, water, and shelter. this is also to make sure no foxes or anything like that gets them "i lock them up at night" and so that way my babies stay nice and safe and the moma can rest a little while. and then once the babies are fully feathered and wont drown in the waterer i put them and there mama in the cage with the other hens and roos. and if you have multiple hens hatching at the same time you can put them all together in that cage. BUT MAKE SURE THE CHICKS AND THERE MOMAS ARENT STRESSED OUT. and remember not to take away the chick food until they stop eating it and move on to grain or whatever you feed them. I hope this helps!

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